1995 Range Rover LWB


 The pictures below, are to show you what the various parts looked like Before we restored this set of woodwork.

Over the years, Range Rover appointed their interiors with gorgeous woodwork.  Exposure to sun, heat and the elements eventually takes it toll on automotive woodwork and we can restore it back to looking "Showroom New" for you. 

The woodwork from these Range Rover models are some of the more popular sets we get into our facility for restoring.

Except for the cracks in the Shift Console, this 1995 Ranger Rover woodwork doesn't look too bad from a distance.....but as you get closer, you can see that it really showing its' age....and the normal wear and tear. 
The longer door panels and the dash strip must have been from another car, because the finish on those three parts had not yet shown its' age and the color had not all faded away like the other parts.
What is very obvious, even from a distance, are the colors the various parts have faded to.  In this closer picture, you can see how the finish on the "lighter" door panel is failing.
In all of the pictures on this page, you can see the "orangish-reddish-yellow" color that this woodwork has changed to over the course of its' lifetime.  This woodwork didn't start out this color....it has faded and changed in color. It was originally a medium-dark brown color.

Here again, you can see huge color differences. 

Having us restore ALL of your 1995 Ranger Rover woodwork...ALL at the SAME TIME....is VERY IMPORTANT !!

That way we have better control of the color during the restoration process.

Here you can see the cracks in the finish, and the darker areas where the shifter boot kept light from fading the veneer. The veneer around that area is pretty close to the color it was when it was new.

Again you can see where the veneer on this 1995 Ranger Rover Shift Console panel was hidden from exposure to light.  Also, you can see how the contrasts in the Burled Walnut veneer have faded away.  The contrasts in the wood veneer will "come back to life" once we restore these parts.
The transfer case knob and shift handle inserts faded the most due to their exposure to light.

We are restoring this set now....

...so check back and you will see how we have Refinished it back to looking "Showroom New" !

You will then  see how the color returns to a color that is closer to the color it was when it was new....AND you will see how nice and rich the grain pattern looks !
We can restore your woodwork for you......you'll be glad you had us do it !

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